1972/4 Hess Tanker Truck

This truck is in good condition (8.0/10)
3 out of 4 lights work (one of the rear tail-lights does not work)
most likely a dead bulb or loose wire

Other than the one light, there are no missing or broken pieces
All decals are present, however some decals show some flaking
This truck has round trailer feet and rivits on the switch making it a 1972 or 1974

The box is in fair condition (6.0/10)
One side, the top, and both ends look great
However, one side has water damage and peeling
Both box inserts are included
This year Hess Truck did not come with a battery card


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1972 Hess Truck

1972 Hess Truck

1972 Hess Truck

1972 Hess Truck
1972 Hess Truck

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