Methods Used in Determining the Condition of Hess Trucks

The most common term used to describe the condition of Hess Trucks is MIB.

MIB = Mint In Box

Different people have different interpretations of what is meant by Mint-In-Box.

To me, Mint-In-Box (MIB) means that both the truck and box are in fresh from the gas station condition. The truck should show no signs that it has ever been handled, played with, or even displayed (unless it was displayed in an enclosed fixture to avoid exposure to dirt, dust, etc.). The box should have no dents, marks, or creases and it must have all original cardboard inserts. The majority of my Mint-in-Box Trucks are fresh from the Gas Station in boxes that have never been opened.

Note: I tend to be very picky when it comes to the condition of my trucks. I look them over very carefully and if I see any defect I will downgrade the condition and sell it for a reduced price. But it is possible for some of the extremely minor imperfections to pass by.

I stand behind my trucks and offer a full, money back guarantee, including all shipping costs if you feel that the condition of your truck was not what you expected. This guarantee applies to all of my trucks even the lower graded ones.

Since many of my customers are 'repeat' & 'word-of-mouth' customers I strive for 100% satisfaction and would never intentionally mislead anyone.

Anything less than Mint-In-Box, I use a 1-10 grading system with 10 being MIB and 1 being total garbage. This is a very subjective grading system, so I try to spell out anything that would make the truck less than perfect in my descriptions. The following is a guideline that I use in grading Hess Trucks

10 - Mint-In-Box(MIB) - Fresh from the gas station condition

9.5 - Very Near Mint Condition - Truck should still be just about perfect, might have signs of very minor handling. Box might have a small dent, scuff, or crease. Box should have all original cardboard inserts.

9.0 - Excellent Condition - Truck might be a little dusty from being on display and/or show signs of minor handling. There should be no damage to truck. Box might have some very minor damage. Box should still have all original cardboard inserts.

8.0 - Very Good Condition - Truck may have slight scratches or scuff marks from very minor play, but should have no missing pieces. Might show signs of very minor discoloration (i.e. yellowing). Still a very good piece for display purposes. Box might show slight fading, or have marks, scuffs, and/or minor tears. No major damage to the box. Box may be missing some of the original cardboard inserts (Note: I will always specify in my descriptions if any of the inserts are missing)

7.0 - Good Condition, but obviously played with. May have scratches, dirt, and scuffmarks. May be missing 1 or 2 pieces (i.e. Horns, Mirrors, etc.) (Note: I always specify in my descriptions if any parts are missing) Box should still be OK, but not as nice as a higher graded one.

6.0 - Fair Condition - I would rate this as the minimum acceptable grade for display purposes.

5.0 - Poor Condition -You may be able to display one in this condition if you really wanted to and didn't want to spend the money for a better one (especially for some of the really old ones where we are talking big$$ for MIB condition. Mostly trucks at this level or lower are used for parts.

1.0 thru 4.0 - Junk - I don't bother buying or selling anything once they reach this condition. Usually, at this level they will not even have a parts left to salvage (except maybe a couple of tires).



The following are things that I will always spell out in the descriptions:

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