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The Hess Miniature Truck Series
In the Spring of 1998, Hess started a new tradition,
The Hess Miniature Truck Series

Each spring (Late May or Early June) from 1998 through 2014,
a new addition to the mini series was released.
They were always a miniature version of a previously released traditional "Full Sized" Hess Truck,
and have proven to be just as collectable as the traditional Hess Truck Series.

Note: 2014 was the last year of the Hess Miniature Series
There will be no Hess Mini for 2015 and beyond!

Note: All trucks listed on this page are from the Hess Miniature Truck Series
For the Traditional Hess Truck Series Click Here!

2014 Hess Miniature Sport Utility Vehicle

2014 HESS Miniature Sport Utility Vehicle

The 2014 Hess Miniature Truck is here!

We have them in stock and ready to ship!
Brand New and 100% Mint-in-Box

Our price is $16.00 + Shipping

Note: This is part of the Hess Miniature Series and
not the traditional full sized Hess Truck!

The 2014 Hess Miniature Truck is a miniature replica
of the 2004 Hess "Full Sized" Sport Utility Vehicle.

Shipping & Handling Charges are:
$6.00 for the 1st Hess Miniature truck + $1.00 each additional shipped to the same address.

(Standard Shipping Charges are for US Orders Only)
Please e-mail us if you would like your order shipped outside the United States)

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Full Size Hess Series

Dented Box Specials

Hess Miniature Toy Truck Series
YearDescriptionConditionPriceBuy Now
2014 miniHess Miniature Sport Utility VehicleMIB (Mint-in-Box)$16.00
2013 miniHess Miniature Truck and RacersMIB (Mint-in-Box)$16.00
2012 miniHess Miniature Truck and AirplaneMIB (Mint-in-Box)$19.00
2011 miniHess Miniature HelicopterMIB (Mint-in-Box)$19.00
2010 miniHess Miniature Fire TruckMIB (Mint-in-Box)$19.00
2009 miniHess Miniature Truck
& Space Shuttle
MIB (Mint-in-Box)$45.00
2008 MiniHess Miniature Recreation VanMIB (Mint-in-Box)$35.00
2007 MiniHess Miniature Rescue TruckMIB (Mint-in-Box)$19.00
2006 MiniHess Miniature Truck & RacerMIB (Mint-in-Box)$19.00
2005 MiniHess Miniature HelicopterMIB (Mint-in-Box)$25.00
2004 MiniHess Miniature TruckMIB (Mint-in-Box)$19.00
2003 MiniHess Miniature Patrol CarMIB (Mint-in-Box)$19.00
2002 MiniMiniature Voyager ShipMIB (Mint-in-Box)
If you don't mind a slightly damaged box,
visit our specials page for reduced pricing
2001 MiniMiniature Truck & RacerMIB (Mint-in-Box)$19.00
2000 MiniMiniature "First Hess Truck"MIB (Mint-in-Box)$25.00
1999 MiniMiniature FiretruckMIB (Mint-in-Box)$19.00
1998 MiniMiniature Tanker TruckMIB (Mint-in-Box) for reduced pricing$59.00

Click here for the traditional
Full sized Hess Truck Series

Standard Flat Rate
Shipping Charges
$6.00 for the first mini truck
+ $1.00 each additional mini

These charges are for US orders only
Please e-mail if you would like your order shipped outside the United States

Prices are not negotiable!!

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